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Fly Control Protection for Your Horse Stable in Framingham, Massachusetts that You Can Trust

All horse owners share the challenge of protecting their horses from pasture and stable flies. These insects aren't just irritating - they can spread disease and feed on horses' blood, causing digestive problems and stunting the horse's growth.

Understanding how various types of flies attack horses can help horse owners not only relieve their horse's discomfort, but also provide a safe environment that can reduce the chances for diseases to spread. Flies are a nuisance to horses in three ways:

  • By sponging or sopping up liquid on the horse's face or body (the basic house fly and face fly)
  • By piercing the skin to feed on the horse's blood (stable flies, horn flies, horse flies, deer flies and mosquitoes) E
  • By laying eggs on the horse's throat, legs or nose (bot fly)

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Prevention Methods are Needed in the Stables and on the Premises

BackYard Dome has been working with horse and stable owners for years to eliminate their fly problems.

The costs can really add up by not preventing these problem pests from entering your horses area; costs such as food which can be contaminated by rodents and other insects, rats, mice and raccoons can cause extensive and costly damage to buildings and ruin expensive equipment and tack; rats, mice, raccoons and insects are often carriers of a wide range of diseases, which can be passed on to humans and pets and you can incur massive medical bills.

Backyard Dome uses a combination of mechanical and chemical (when absolutely necessary) pest control and prevention.

  • The mechanical method involves the use of bug zappers, insect traps and insect paper strips.
  • The chemical method involves the use of a few chemicals, all of which are EPA labeled safe for grazing horses and pets.
  • Stirofos, when added to a horse’s feed on a daily basis, kills horsefly and stable fly larvae hatching in the manure and is safe for your pet. We also use granular fire ant bait that is also EPA labeled safe for grazing horses.

Start Killing Nuisance Flies in as Little as 60 Seconds

Control and kill flies in and around commercial livestock facilities, dairie, production facilities, and horse stables

  • We help ontrol of House Flies in and around areas such as Livestock Facilities and stables, warehouses, dumpsters, recycling areas, and outside non-food contact areas of restaurants
  • Controlling flies helps keep your horse calm
  • Keep your customers and workers happy by keeping the flies away
  • Come out every 2 weeks with a multi stage program to control flies

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